Are aquarius negative?

Aquarius will be loyal to you if he commits so keep that in mind and try not to take his actions too personally. But, to be honest, Aquarius men are not really that negative and they have plenty of positive traits.

But, to be honest, Aquarius men are not really that negative and they have plenty of positive traits. If you have a thing for a certain Aquarius man, you can read all about his best traits it in my specialized series: Aquarius Man Secrets. It will show you who this guy really is and how you can make him completely YOURS!

Though it may be considered a positive trait, there is a certain negative aspect too. The perfectionism of Aquarius personalities makes them work very hard to achieve the ideal form and when they can’t do that in any way, they get frustrated and disappointed.

Does aquarius have a dark side?

Aquarius, the fixed air sign of the Zodiac, is cool, friendly, eccentric, and quirkily brilliant, but there is a dark side to Aquarius, a cold and ruthless one. Although the typical Aquarian gets along with everybody and greets the world with a sunny smile, they may display a lack of emotion that troubles others.

You may be wondering “What is the Dark Side of Aquarius zodiac sign?”

Some believe that aquarians can be robotic and unemotional. Aquarians are impossible to sway. Aquarians prefer to alienate people. Aquarian zodiac signs are paradoxical in nature.

Is the Dark Side of Aquarius dangerous?

Though the dark side of Aquarius is not dangerous, their lack of empathy may cause emotional pain to people surrounding them. They find it hard to understand and empathize with others’ feelings.

Is a Aquarius an annoying zodiac sign?

Aquarius is one of the few zodiac signs in astrology that can make their negative personality traits work for them. It’s not that Aquarius can’t be frustrating and annoying at times, but if anyone can see this as something positive, rather than destructive, it’s going to be the Aquarius zodiac sign.

What are the characteristics of Aquarius?

Aquarius is the fixed air sign of the zodiac. People born under this sign are intelligent, friendly, easygoing, cool and unique. However, not many know that they also have a cold and ruthless side.

All Aquarian women have difficulty with intimacy, but when they go to the dark side, they can be true ice queens who are cold-hearted, aloof, bitchy, and always ready to match wits with everyone. A dark Aquarian woman feels she must be tougher and smarter than her male rivals.