Why is astrology so accurate?

Astrology is accurate as it is based on Scientific principles – principles which have not changed even after centuries, which in other way proves it is scientific.

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Another answer is vedic astrology accounts for precession. It isn’t as affected by the shifting of the planet on its axis because of what it’s based on. Vedic astrology measures the sidereal year and also uses Nakshatras, Dasha System, and Divisional Charts. This makes Vedic astrology more complex, but also more reliable.

Why do some horoscopes seem to be so accurate?

This is because horoscopes are written incredibly vaguely and apply to almost everyone. Try this-look at a horoscope for someone else, and see if it still applies to you. You’ll be able to see how it matches also. Originally Answered: Why do some horoscope sign traits/descriptions seem so accurate of people?

In simple words, the reason why many people believe in astrology is because it gives them accurate readings again and again. The repeated success of astrology is what makes it an instant hit with youngsters even today. Do they know the mathematical calculations behind its predictions, or the science behind its astronomical calculations?

Is astrology true or false?

Things are either true or not true, with of course some gray areas in between. This is where astrology hits in by offering things that you may interpret as true to you. There is no real, scientific method for studying astrology, because it is a belief system and not falsifiable.

A query we ran across in our research was “Is astrology still relevant today?”.

Those who regularly read their horoscopes are astonished about how accurately it depicts their future life events. Some call it pseudo science, while some may call it a pure game of psychology. Whatever the case is, Astrology is still in action even after its history of thousands of years.

Is sidereal astrology better than Vedic astrology?

Many people prefer the sidereal system because it’s more accurate and covers many areas of your life. The Vedic system accounts for precession and tends to be more reliable. However, don’t write off tropical astrology.

Another popular query is “Who invented Vedic astrology?”.

Thousands of years ago, Vedic astrology was intuitively perceived by ancient mystics, who also developed various techniques of meditation and yoga.

A common inquiry we ran across in our research was “What is the difference between Vedic astrology and Hindu astrology?”.

Although both are types of astrology, certain methods may make one more accurate.