Why is astrology occult?

Astrology is an occult practice, rooted in ancient Babylon. It originated, historians believe, when the ancient Chaldeans observed the orderly movement of the planets and assigned them godlike character and powers. The planets eventually were worshipped as gods. Each planet came to be the ruler of certain areas of life.

Astrology was never truly occult. It was actually practiced openly in biblical times and evidence shows it was a tool used by the ancient civilizations starting in Babylonia. It was not created as an occult science because it was never hidden or secret on its own.

What is an occult?

The word “occult” actually means, “beyond the realm of human comprehension, hidden from view, concealed, available only to the initiate, and secret.” I definitely knew that my personal spiritual experiences were beyond my comprehension and that is what led me to research and study various books to help validate my experiences.

Why is astrology practiced in secret?

These historical facts are what led to astrology being practiced in secret, behind closed doors by many religious figures including Pope’s, Rabbis and Nuns. The word “occult” actually means, “beyond the realm of human comprehension, hidden from view, concealed, available only to the initiate, and secret.”.

Astrology Astrology is an ancient system in which the positions of the planets and stars are used for prophecy and divination. Of all the occult arts, astrology is the most enduringly popular, despite attempts by scientists to discredit it. Astrology is based on a principle attributed to Hermes Trismegistus: “as above, so below.”.

Is astrology a work of Devil?

Astrology is of the Devil and is practiced by occultists in secret societies, as well as by the general public. Astrology is not the same as astronomy, which is simply the study of the universe. Astrology is the worship of the stars, i. E, seeking spiritual wisdom and guidance from the universe, as if it were a life’s force in itself (which it.

Is astrology the new religion?

No, but really. Everything does not revolve around religion .

Is astrology accurate or a hoax?

Astrology is only a hoax if you believe that every word of it is 100% accurate. When you take what you can from it and discard the rest, you will be using Astrology the way it was supposed be used. Not so much hoax as ancient superstition. Made up to explain the then unknown. Much the same as religions.

Is astrology a true science?

Many people around the world believe astrology is a true science that works and help us understand our present and predict our future. However most scientists completely refute the validity of atrological predictions and explanations.