Can astrology predict marriage?

This technique is called marriage prediction by date of birth. As far as Vedic astrology and Marriage astrology goes, Venus and Jupiter have a significant role when it comes to marriage. Because, they both are deemed as the natural significators of marriage.

For marriage astrology, Astrologers also look into the right date and time to get married, because getting married in certain bad timings and days can wreak havoc in married life. Marriage prediction and marriage astrology has become a trend nowadays.

One source stated that The favourable transit of Venus or Jupiter also bring good news of marriage. The link between 7th house and 12th house sometimes brings a foreign spouse, and link between 7th and 9th can also bring spouse from another caste or religion. This can be assessed by marriage prediction by date of birth.

How astrology by date of birth for marriage works?

Astrology by date of birth for marriage comprehensively deals with predictions and remedies for each and every area of marriage which makes you anxious. Below are the different domains of marriage prediction by date of birth.

How to prophesy the time of marriage in horoscope?

Before prophesying time of marriage, we need to check out the promise of marriage in Horoscope. When everything is well done, try to see whether there is delayed or early marriage. In case there is the promise of spousal life, one may marry during the Dasha-Bhukti of the planet relating to 7th house.

Is there a calculator for marriage in astrology?

The Marriage Calculator is meant for giving you a broad outline of the nature of your marriage and married life on the basis of the planetary position in your birth chart. As per Vedic astrology, there are several factors that influence the timing of a person’s marriage and chart the course of the married life.

When will I get married astrology calculator?

If Moon and Venus are Placed in Signs Like Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces and Sagittarius Signs, Marriage Can happen at the Age between 24-27 for Girls or 27-30 for Boys. If the 7th house or 7th Lord also in these Houses, You will Get Married in proper age.

How to get marriage prediction by date of birth?

, at astro Sage, we provide you the simplest way to get marriage prediction by date of birth. Get evaluated answers to questions related to compatibility with the help of this Marriage Calculator. Just feed in the details and you’ll be provided with marriage prediction by date of birth related to your married life and companionship.