Why astrology is true?

Astrology offers a number of things which many people find very desirable: information and assurance about the future, a way to be absolved of their current situation and future decisions, and a way to feel connected to the entire cosmos. Astrology shares this with many other beliefs which tend to be categorized as “New Age.”.

Many people around the world believe astrology is a true science that works and help us understand our present and predict our future. However most scientists completely refute the validity of atrological predictions and explanations. Who do you think is right?

Those who don’t believe in astrology often write it off as something mysterious, but the truth is, astrology is really just based on how the universe looked on the day you were born. The main component used in astrology is a birth chart, which is created with information about when and where you were born.

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Astrology is very different from the study of astronomy, which is the scientific study of celestial objects, space, and the physics of the universe. A specific aspect of astrology—the forecasting of a person’s future or the offering of advice on daily activities via horoscopes—is particularly growing in popularity.

Why can’t we explain astrology?

The first job of science is not to explain but to observe.” The problem is that we lack any evidence that astrology is true. And until we have reason to believe that a thing is true, we have no reason to attempt to explain why it is true . That which does not exist is not in need of explanation.

Why is astrology an intuitive science when it comes to predictions?

Moreover astrology is an intuitive science when it comes to predictions. This is because when you look at a horoscope there are few combination of planets which suggest a certain events but there are certain combinations also in the same horoscope which suggest exactly the opposite events. And this overlapping is always the case.

How astrology relates to myths?

The planets and asteroids are also named for mythological beings. Modern astrology has taken a cue from the psychology of Carl Jung, and has integrated the gods and goddesses of mythology into its lore. World mythologies include just about every personality type you can imagine, so there is a story that fits everyone.

What is the connection between astrology and mythology?

Astrology and mythology are interconnected as Mythology offers a background story to Astrology. Astrological terminology has its roots in Greek and Roman Mythology, all astrological constellations have Mythological names. Astrologers use all Zodiac constellations except Ophiuchus.

What are the most dangerous myths about astrology?

Myth #3: Astrology can predict or change the future. This is, perhaps, the most dangerous assumption people make about astrology. Contrary to popular belief, its purpose is not to guess what will happen to you in the future. Instead, it’s meant to be a guiding tool that empowers you to make conscious decisions and avoid the ditches in life.