Why do capricorn men play mind games?

Most Capricorn guys don’t play with other people’s feelings or engage in mind games. It’s just not their thing. However, there are always exceptions to the rule. Some of them enjoy doing that. Mind games are a means of gaining a sense of power and boosting one’s ego.

Do Capricorn men play mind games?

When a Capricorn plays mind games it can be confusing because it can seemingly come out of nowhere. One minute a Capricorn man or a Capricorn woman can seem friendly with you, and then the next minute they can completely switch on you and ignore you.

One indication that a Capricorn man or a Capricorn woman is playing mind games with you is that they may begin to ignore you or they may begin to give you less attention.

One of the ways to play mind games with a Capricorn man is to leverage his natural insecurities. He is insecure about finances and career primarily. He overidentifies with his work. When you point out insecurities about his career path, it’s as close as you can get to personally insulting him.

Do Capricorns play games when it comes to dating?

Capricorn isn’t really the type to play games when it comes to love or dating – at least, not intentionally. It’s just that these women are so busy all the time that the importance of texting someone back or making a date on time tends to slip their minds.

How does a Capricorn play chess?

Some of the best chess players in the world have a very emotionally detached approach to playing the game of chess. This is exactly how a Capricorn plays their mind games ; they become methodical and cold and completely shut off their emotions.

How do you know a Capricorn man is using you?

If a Capricorn man catches on that you’re playing mind games with him, he will ghost you for good. He has little tolerance for any kind of insincerity or mind games. If you see signs a Capricorn man is using you and you want to get back at him, playing games with him can do the trick. He acts tough, but is actually very sensitive.