Can celestial pearl danios live with betta?

Though both the celestial pearl danios and most betta species are suitable for living in a community tank, they cannot dwell with one another. The main reason is the difference in the water temperature of both the fish.

These invertebrates are peaceful, harmless creatures that can also act as an efficient clean-up crew, eating leftover food, algae, and picking up detritus from the substrate. Pearl danios generally cannot live with betta fish, as their bright colors can sometimes trigger aggressive behavior in the territorial betta.

Can celestial pearl danios live in a nano tank?

Celestial Pearl danios are small fish, and they can be kept successfully in nano tanks. You can comfortably house a small school of six to ten fishes in a nano aquarium or 10-gallon tank. However, if you want to introduce more fish in the future or keep some of your home-bred danios, you will need a bigger tank.

How to breed celestial pearl danios?

Quarantine fish; treat with an antibacterial remedy as directed. Celestial Pearl danios are extremely easy to breed in captivity. The ideal situation is to keep the fish in a species-only tank so that you can allow nature to take its course. Provided that tank conditions are suitable, the fish will spawn naturally without intervention from you.

The answer is that although Celestial Pearl danios will eat freeze-dried foods, we recommend that you soak the food in a little tank water before offering it to your fish. That way, the food will rehydrate so that it doesn’t swell inside the fish on contact with moisture, which could cause digestive problems.

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