What is the celestial sphere quizlet?

Celestial sphere An imaginary sphere of very large radius centered on an observer ; the apparent sphere of the sky. Circumpolar A term describing a star that neither rises nor sets but appears to rotate around.

What is the celestial sphere and how does it work?

A) The celestial sphere is a representation of how the entire sky looks as seen from Earth. As Earth goes around the Sun each year, Earth’s rotation axis in the North points.

Where is the Earth located on the celestial sphere?

A) The Earth is placed at the center of the celestial sphere. B) When we look in the sky, the stars all appear to be located on the celestial sphere. C) The “celestial sphere” is another name for our universe. D) The celestial sphere does not exist physically.

Why do the Stars stay in fixed positions on the celestial sphere?

The stars stay in “fixed” positions on the celestial sphere because A ) the stars on the sphere are all chosen to be approximately the same distance from Earth. B) while they actually move through space, they are too far away for their motion to be seen. C) the sphere to which they are attached moves with them through space.

What is unique about the celestial equator and ecliptic circle?

A) The celestial equator is unique, since it traces the path of an object, namely, the Sun. B) The ecliptic circle is unique as it traces a broad band of stars.

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