What do constellations do in genshin impact?

The constellation system in Genshin Impact is a way to upgrade your characters when you get a duplicate of each. These constellations have a different variety of effects in the characters from adding an extra charge to some Elemental Skills to improving talents up to three levels.

What is constellation in Genshin Impact and how to unlock it?

In Genshin Impact, every character has their own Con stellation, which acts as a kind of skill tree. When you unlock part of that character’s Constellation, you’ll earn a new effect, which impacts an existing skill or offers a completely new perk. But you can’t just unlock the Constellation with XP like in other games.

Now, that’s not to say that Constellations are locked away from F2P players, it’s just that unless you focus on one or two characters you’ll likely arrive at Genshin Impact’s end game long before reaching the max Constellations for most of your characters. So, if wasn’t obvious already: focus on maxing out on or two characters only!

Here is everything there is to know about Fischl’s Con stellation in Genshin Impact. Fischl is a 4-star character in Genshin Impact. While she is considered one of the best Electro supports in Genshin Impact, Fischl can also be a great main DPS. To be able to perfectly perform various roles, Fischl needs her Constellations.

How to make your Genshin Impact characters stronger?

One of the best ways to make Genshin Impact characters stronger is through upgrading their constellations. Although some characters are naturally stronger than others, constellation upgrades and investment can make any character shine.

One source claimed bennett Constellation 6 Despite the fact that Bennett is one of the strongest support characters in Genshin Impact, he’s also the only character to have a constellation that most players will actively want to avoid.

What are constellations and how do they work?

Constellations are sequential upgrades to Characters, which are similar to their Passive Talents and increase the effectiveness of the character or add new capabilities to existing abilities. Each character has a total of 6 Constellation level, with the third and fifth always being a 3 Level increase to their Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst.

Each character has a total of 6 Constellation levels, with the third and fifth always being a three-level increase to their Elemental Skill or Elemental Burst. In order to unlock each Constellation of a character (aside from the Traveler ), a player must spend a Stella Fortuna for that specific character.

Why maxing constellations is the best for Xiangling?

As we’ve explained our best characters guide, can also improve many four-star characters like Xiangling almost to the potential of a five-star character by maxing her Constellations. That’s because her Pyro elemental abilities receive a massive buff while also offering other characters useful Pyro debuff.