What crystals work well with selenite?

These two crystals are amazing together, and particularly good when dealing with love and relationships. You can probably guess why these two make such a perfect pair! A couple additional things to keep in mind are: amethyst & fluorite, celestite & lepidolite, citrine & smoky quartz, merlinite & shamanic dream quartz, or black jade & black obsidian.

In case you’re wondering if Selenite is a good crystal to pair with other crystals, the answer is yes. You can combine Selenite with any rock crystal. A good combination is Amethyst. When combined with these stones and crystals, peace and serenity will reign. Pairing it with other stones and crystals will amplify Selenite’s energy.

While Selenite can pair with any gemstone, but one of the most powerful gemstone combinations is Moonstone. Before diving into the compatibility of these two stones, let’s learn a bit more about Selenite. This stone (besides Clear Quartz) is the only crystal that can cleanse and purify other stones.

What is selenite and how is it used?

Selenite is a powerful yet gentle healer. Selenite can be used in combination with just about any crystal, gemstone or mineral – and will enhance the effects of this stone. This makes it useful for crystals new to you, as well as those that you have been working with for some time.

What are the best crystals to pair with spirituality?

Selenite is a crystal that instills a sense of peace, making it perfect for meditation work and heightening your spiritual awareness. As a pair, these two help you tap into your intuition (Moonstone) and help you view things with greater clarity (Selenite). They are especially potent under the Full and New Moons.

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