Destiny 2 how to get celestial nighthawk?

Destiny 2 has a lot of Exotics you can get, so many that it can get a little confusing. This exotic helmet is called the Celestial Nighthawk, and it’s a pretty decent piece of gear for Hunters who want to look pretty swanky with an eagle-styled mask.

Gamers will have a better chance attempting to get the exotic by opening exotic engrams, as there is a small chance that the Celestial Nighthawk will drop from any exotic engram. Every week, guardians can use their shards to get one exotic engram from Xur.

Utilize the build at the end of this updated guide for the most dominant Celestial Nighthawk build. Like many of the old exotics, there are only two ways to get the item. The first is though Xur, who provides weekly exotic items for purchase, as well as exotic engrams. The second is by completing the weekly Cipher quest.

The Celestial Nighthawk ‘s intrinsic trait improves the Golden Gun super of the Hunter Gunslinger tree. Instead of firing multiple shots, Hawkeye Hack makes the gun fire a single high damage shot that eliminates almost any enemy. Landing the shot grants super energy in return.

How to get the celestial Nighthawk exotic helmet for hunters?

The best chance you have to get this drop is from farming public events for exotic engrams, or turning in your weekly milestones for a chance at an exotic drop. This is how to get the Celestial Nighthawk exotic helmet for hunters.

Is the celestial Nighthawk the most powerful exotic in Destiny 2?

In year 2, Bungie decided to balance a few of the popular exotics from the first year. One of these newly-balanced exotic armor pieces was the Celestial Nighthawk. The Hunter armor proved to be one of the most powerful exotics in the game. However, this immense power also comes with a high risk.

The Celestial Nighthawk shines in PVE against enemies with a lot of health. No other hunter exotic provides a comparable DPS, and the intrinsic trait will deal massive damage to bosses while speeding up the super recharge rate tenfold if players hit their shots.