Does taurus make a 380?

Taurus Firearms makes several small revolvers for concealed carry, and surprisingly, one is chambered for the .380 ACP: the Model 380 UL. The Taurus 380 UL is part of the company’s Ultra-Lite line, and it has an aluminum-alloy frame. The cylinder and barrel are steel. The little revolver weighs just 16.0 ounces.

The new Taurus M380 is a 380 revolver. Â Yes, that’s right a wheel gun chambered for the rimless .380 ACP cartridge.

The double-action-only Taurus .380 Spectrum has a 2.8-inch barrel. Its magazine capacity is six or seven rounds, and it comes with two magazines. The seven-rounder has an extended base pad that serves as a grip extension.

Another popular query is “Why is the Taurus 380 ul so short?”.

One source argued that the short overall length of the .380 ACP cartridge allows the cylinder to be shorter, which allows the frame to be shorter. Taurus has reduced the length of the frame and the cylinder to make the 380 UL one of the shortest mid-caliber revolvers on the market. As I said, an advantage of the .380 ACP is low recoil.

Taurus Firearms adds to the Ultra-Lite line of revolvers with the Taurus 380 ACP UL Revolver. Each has its advantages.

Does taurus make good guns?

Do some research and you will find that Taurus makes a good revolver these days. Don’t believe the BS that they are junk. They are not pretty or super well refined, but they work well. Are Taurus Firearms good quality? Taurus guns are fine quality . Some don’t like them because the trigger action is not as smooth as a S&W.

All but one have been excellent, dependable shooters. Taurus handguns, both pistols and revolvers, used to be the scourge of the gun world. But not now.

Let’s take a closer look at this unique business – this is the Gunivore overview of the Taurus Firearms Company! It didn’t take long for the Brazilian company to get their hands in the weapons market; Taurus debuted in 1939, and had already released their first gun by 1941.

Is Taurus a good brand to stick to?

This is where Taurus proves that its a brand worth sticking to. Worked in Firearms and a self-avowed gun nut. All manufacturers have the occasional QC issue, especially early in a product’s lifecycle.

I’ve seen way too many problems with Taurus products over the years. By some estimates, Taurus is the largest manufacturer of firearms in the world. Its target market is value-priced guns. This is an essential market as many folks don’t have the money or inclination to to buy top-tier guns like SIG, H&K and Colt.

Is the Taurus curve a pocket gun?

And then Taurus upped its game by trying to advance the concept of a pocket gun with the Taurus Curve. Fully loaded at 13.6 ounces and measuring in at only five inches long, the Taurus Curve qualifies as a pocket gun.

How many magazines does the Taurus curve come with?

The Taurus Curve is a well-rounded package, coming with two six-shot magazines and a trigger shield for immediate use—if need be.

Does taurus still make the curve?

Speaking of magazines, you may be asking whether Taurus makes a curved magazine, how it’s made and how it works. Answer: The magazine is not curved, and it holds six rounds of.380..

The heavily radiused slide also means that the barrel itself is cut off at an angle, reminiscent of a slant brake on an AK. Taurus chambered the Curve in .380 ACP, which is a pretty popular round for pocket guns. While some may argue that this round doesn’t have a lot of stopping power, the small size lends itself well to smaller CCWs.

Is the Taurus curve good for personal defense?

Reliability should be the end-all, be-all stat for a personal defense weapon, and the Taurus Curve doesn’t really get a passing grade. Reviewers struggled to get consistent reliability out of the gun, facing misfires and jams, especially when using hollowpoint ammunition.