Does taurus still make the g2c?

The G2C is basically a PT-111 Millenium Pro, but there have been some changes. The most noticeable being the removal of the Taurus Key-lock security system. This will delight most Taurus fans, as this was a very unpopular feature, to say the least.

You see, 2 Highly reliable action. 3 Compact design for concealed carry. 4 Available in 9mm as well as .40 S&W calibers. 5 Available in multiple colors. 6 Priced aggressively. 7 Lighter recoil than expected.

What is the Taurus Millennium G2S?

It actually has a lot more to offer than you’d think. Taurus renamed the PT111 Millennium G2 as the G2C (for “compact”), then dumped the PT709 Slim and created a single-stack variant of the G2 dubbed the G2S, for “slim. ” For those wondering, the name is the only thing that’s different.

The fear of jams or misfires is not something that you want in a concealed carry pistol. From cheap, steel-cased ammo to high-quality, specialty self-defense ammo; pull the trigger and the G2C is going to fire.

A good Taurus G2C can be used for applications like self-defense or target shooting. No matter your intent or purpose, it’s important to find a magazine that will give you enough rounds to get you through it.

What is the best magazine for a Taurus G2C?

If you’re looking for a magazine for your Taurus G2C that is considered one of the best, then the Millenium G2 9mm magazine might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s reliable, tough all over, and will definitely have the potential to last you years or even decades.

What is the best 9mm magazine for a Taurus?

If 10 rounds are enough for you, then you’ll definitely want a magazine like the Taurus G2C brand 9mm 10-Round magazine. It’s considered one of the more standard versions of a magazine that is specifically designed for the Taurus G2C itself.

Will a G2 magazine fit in a G3C?

The G2 magazines (12 round) work in the G3C. Not sure if they are long enough for the full size G3. Welcome to the forum from Northern Illinois! The G2 magazines (12 round) work in the G3C. Not sure if they are long enough for the full size G3. Click to expand Czechbikr, you’re correct. The G2, G2c & G3c’s magazines are too short for the G3.