When gemini is quiet?

Usually, Gemini men love to engage in long winded conversations. Yet when he’s been quiet, it is a signal that something is off or he doesn’t have the typical time or attention to give you. Respect his space by not sending lengthy text messages.

Again; each Gemini man is different so you’ll need to be sure he isn’t the type that will leave. There is always a risk that if you give him the silent treatment; he may think you don’t care or you don’t want him anymore thus he leaves the relationship.

What not to expect from a Gemini Man?

Don’t expect your Gemini to explain reasons making them hurt. They may be social and outgoing, but they are not always good at expressing as well as discussing what they think or feel from deep within. Instead of telling you right away about things bugging their mind, they simply leave you to figure out everything.

This trait is useful when considering the paradoxical nature of life, but when walking on the dark side, Geminis appear untrustworthy. Geminis’ famous humor goes dark when it’s weaponized against whoever crosses their path.

What is a Gemini like in love?

A Gemini is very quiet around people they don’t trust. Geminis fall for intellectuals who are full of surprises. Geminis have a personality that is addictive. “I love you” is something that Geminis say only if they mean it.

Are geminis dark?

The dark Gemini twin is wily, deceptive, and full of mischief. Most Geminis are cheerful, tactful, enthusiastic, versatile, fun and witty social beings. However, all astrological signs can be expressed in positive, negative, or dark ways. Gemini is no different. All Geminis display a duality of sorts. Negatively, a Gemini can be:.

Also, what is Gemini’s Dark Side?

Here is what our research found. the dark side of Gemini will never disappear as it needs to coexist along with their bright side to balance the duality of this zodiac sign. Fortunately, they can learn to change their behavior and attitude towards people around as a way to clear all the misunderstandings.

A inquiry we ran across in our research was “Is Gemini a negative sign?”.

Don’t criticize them or their dark side will be brought on the surface, and that will only get worse. Though Gemini has some negative personality traits, fortunately their positive qualities can outweigh most of the negatives.

It’s this lack of empathy that leads to all of Gemini’s darkest traits. Though a dark Gemini lacks empathy they are capable of mimicking emotions and manipulating others by appearing friendly, charming, and caring. Dark Geminis are compulsive liars.

How to communicate with a Gemini Man when he is upset?

That’s the only way that communication works with the Gemini man. If you yell at him or belittle him; do not be surprised if you get the silent treatment; if he even stays. If he insists on being stubborn because he’s upset; you can always try giving HIM the silent treatment. When you’re quiet and not talking, he’ll start to wonder and miss you.