Do gemini and taurus get along as friends?

The friendship between the Taurus and the Gemini is pretty intriguing because the Taurus is always practical while the Gemini playful, which means these two approach life differently. While the latter loves dealing with the new, the former hates change. If they happen to be friends, it’s usually because their interests are the same.

So, do taurus and gemini get along?

When Taurus and Gemini come together in a love affair, they must both take the time to learn what the dynamics of the relationship are and how they can best get along. They both have much to offer one another and much to learn in this relationship, but it will take a bit of adjustment and effort on both sides.

Do Gemini and Taurus get along?

Gemini and taurus will get along if taurus is open to learning from gemini, the reason gemini is a ahead of taurus in the zodiac, the sign which is ahead of you in the zodiac you have lessons to learn from that sign…, and gemini must be tolerant towards taurus short comings.

This pairing of consecutive signs frequently works out because the two share similarities by season, while still bringing different elements to the table. Taurus and Gemini are spring signs, and when they combine forces, we can discover a lot about how the world works and why life blooms on this planet to begin with.

Taurus is a sensual sign with a need for physical touch, while Gemini is playful in the bedroom and needs more intellectual stimulation.

Taurus is an Earth Sign and Gemini is an Air Sign. Gemini makes decisions based on intellect (and whim), while Taurus is more practical. Taurus asks, ‘How will this help me achieve my goals in life? ’ while Gemini goes with the moment, never feeling too pressured to stick to a set plan.

Should a Gemini play games with a Taurus’temper?

Gemini should not play games with Taurus’ temper. Gemini is skilled at keeping calm. This helps the relationship with Taurus, but even still, rocking the boat with a Taurus can end in a temper tantrum. Gemini has some edge in this arena because they can use unorthodox methods to move conversations in their favor.

Do you find it hard to befriend Taurus?

Im a gemini and my grandma and a few of my frinds are Taurus. It’s hard for me to connect mentally. It’s also hard to schedule things because the tauruss that I know are strict in their schedules. As a gemini I love spontaneous and out-of-the-blue kind of events. Overall I can befriend a Taurus but it takes a lot of energy to work things out.

In the bedroom, Taurus is a very physical lover: massages, tender kisses, and love bites. Gemini is a very creative lover—so, Taurus should expect anything and everything.

Which zodiac signs are compatible with Gemini?

Mercury possesses both masculine and feminine energy, which accounts for the dual nature of Gemini. Taurus are aware of Gemini’s brilliance, but still prefer a faithful friend who values the more artistic things in life. Gemini have a high intellect and a good understanding of other people.