Why do geminis get a bad rep?

Infamously known as “the twins”, Gemini gets a bad reputation for being shifty and two-faced, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. People say Geminis don’t know who they are, but in reality, they are everything (just not always at the same time). Here’s why they’re irresistible: 1. They’re intelligent and thoughtful.

Is it true that a Gemini has a bad reputation?

Gemini (or any other Sun sign, for that matter) can only have a bad reputation among people who know nothing about real astrology. First of all, it’s foolish to judge anyone based solely on their Sun sign. That’s not how real astrology works. Everyone has all of the signs, including Gemini, somewhere in their astrological makeup.

Why do geminis cheat?

Gemini is most likely to cheat on a sign like Pisces, who’s a sentimental and emotional dreamer. If Gemini were to find someone who is more of an intellectual match, they would start something with them.

While writing we ran into the query “Are Geminis Liars and cheats?”.

This is because Geminis are widely reputed to be liars, cheats, and thieves. In some ways, this reputation is deserved. Gemini is the sign of the twins, and its planetary ruler is Mercury, the planet of communication.

This happens to Gemini men. They are accused of being cheaters and unfaithful. However, in reality, they are not hiding anything from you. In fact, the signs are quite common. Here are 3 signs that he is cheating on you. The funny about the Gemini personality is that a lot of people feel that they turn on people.

Why are Geminis so Public Enemy Number One?

Even the tiniest transgression can make you public enemy number one in the eyes of, well, everyone, because Geminis have LOTS of friends they can turn against you. Lizzo pretty much summed it all up when she said, “Give us a reason to like you, Gemini.”.

Is Gemini the most disliked zodiac sign?

So, it’s quite tough to know what they think of others truly. Every zodiac sign has certain negative side and they are also disliked for some reasons by others. But it has been noticed that Gemini is the most disliked one. Why everybody hates Gemini mostly?

Should Gemini’s be omitted from the zodiac signs?

I will never even speak to another Gemini again thanks to him. Gemini’s should be omitted from the zodiac, all grouped together & sent off to another planet so they can all lie to & cheat on each other, and ruin each others lives! Gemini’s are not just another zodiac sign, they are a breed of demons straight from the flames of hell!