What do geminis love?

Manic, entertaining and easily bored, Gemini loves to talk and network … the original social butterfly. They need constant change of scenery, otherwise things become way too dull for Gemini, as they lose interest very quickly. The symbol that represents Gemini is The Twins, which explains the duality in their natural temperament.

What are Geminis like in a relationship?

They are very successful flirts, tend to make friends very easily and find dating equally easy. This friendliness applies to their lovers, as they are known to love falling in love with their ‘best friends’ and see the ultimate romance in that approach. Geminis are very intellectual yet light enough that there is fun to be had on any topic.

Geminis can be flaky, especially if the planned activity is boring, so don’t count on them to help you study or do your taxes. They may not be the most reliable friends. However, you’re always going to have a good time when you hang out—Geminis plan the most fun activities.

We have already established the fact that Geminis are incredibly exciting individuals who love to live their lives to the fullest, but what we have only briefly mentioned is the fact that Geminis are incredibly smart. They value education and they often have a heavy head of knowledge that some people might be quick to overlook.

While there are some hobbies that Geminis will live for, there are others that will make them yawn to death. Without further ado, here are five hobbies Geminis will love (and five they’ll hate). Skateboarding is a hobby that is reserved for the bravest individuals.

What do geminis fear?

If you are a Gemini, then you are probably very intellectual, communicative and inconsistent. Gemini’s are quite curious and often explore places and people to gain more knowledge. A Gemini’s most common fear is the fear of getting stuck in a routine or losing their freedom.

Another answer was the worst thing for a Gemini is to get stuck in a rut or a monotonous routine. If life slows down, they begin to feel trapped. “Gemini fears silence and stagnation,” explains Perrakis. “This is a sign that likes to stay moving, keep learning, and expand into new experiences in life as proof that they are growing, evolving, and achieving.”.

What is a Gemini’s most common fear?

A Gemini’s most common fear is the fear of getting stuck in a routine or losing their freedom. You are quite independent, and as mentioned before, you like to explore new places, so the fear of losing your freedom is significant.

What is a Gemini’s ideal night like?

Your Gemini may love you, but they also love their friends—and don’t make them choose. An ideal night for Gemini begins with a large party with their fifty closest friends, and then a stop at their neighborhood local, where another ten people are likely to greet them.

What is your biggest fear as a zodiac sign?

Zodiac signs and their biggest fear: Gemini is afraid of not being good enough. Stressed moments and disappointment are main factors for having incertitude. Virgo and Gemini crave to be accepted and appreciate by others, and Cancer, Leo, and Aquarius want to be loved.