Hank scorpio why didn’t I think of that?

My Goodness Why Didn’t I Think of That” is a memorable quote uttered by the character Hank Scorpio on the American animated television comedy The Simpsons. Screenshots of Scorpio saying the line have been used online to facetiously praise another’s idea.

The Simpsons never understood that Hank Scorpio is an international criminal. Scorpio was recognized by the Springfield Wall of Fame as being a philanthropist. He had a brief speaking appearance in the title screen gag to ” 500 Keys “, and briefly appeared in his car in ” The Simpsons Guy “.

Hank Scorpio : There’s something for you to do: find that out. Hank Scorpio : My butt’s for sitting, not for kissing. Hank Scorpio : But Homer, on your way out if you want to kill somebody, you would help me a lot.

Who is the voice of Hank Scorpio on the Simpsons?

In the episode, the character Homer Simpson (voiced by Dan Castellaneta ) suggests his boss Hank Scorpio (voiced by Albert Brooks) provide his tired employees with hammocks (clip below). Scorpio responds, “Hammocks?

How did the scorpio get its name?

Its name is derived from the constellation Scorpius, which in Latin means Scorpio. The Greek myth associated with the sign actually involves Orion, a giant who was killed by a scorpion.

You could be thinking “How did scorpio get its name?”

One way to think about this is its name comes from the Greek for “rival of Ares ” (i. e, rival of the planet Mars) and was probably given because of the star’s red colour and brightness. The brightest X-ray source in the sky, Scorpius X-1, is found in this constellation.

SCORPIO is listed in the World’s largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms. SCORPIO – What does SCORPIO stand for?

Did you ever get in the hammock with Hank Scorpio?

Hank Scorpio : Back to the hammocks, my friend. You know, there’s a little place called Mary Ann’s Hammocks. The nice thing about that place is Mary Ann gets in the hammock with you.

What are Scorpios so afraid of?

Vulnerability and engulfment are the bedrock of Scorpio’s insecurities. Their extreme apprehension over being vulnerable with others leads to other problems, such as being afraid to trust, having angst about losing control, and being scared of desertion by a loved one.

What is this personality really like and what are the dates? What are this sign’s standout traits ? How about their flaws ? What if my rising sign is Scorpio? Who are they compatible with in love?