Are horoscopes haram?

Not only is the practice of astrology is haram, but also visiting an astrologer and listening to his predictions, buying books on astrology or reading one’s horoscope are also forbidden. Since astrology is mainly used to predicting the future, those who practice it are considered fortune-tellers.

This begs the question “Is it okay to follow horoscopes?”

Some sources claimed This prohibition is general and without exception, and hence includes following horoscopes even if only to note compatibility of personality traits and the like.

A common query we ran across in our research was “Is it permissible to read horoscopes in Islam?”.

Reading, practicing and learning horoscopes or astrology is forbidden in Islam. Ibn Abbas narrated from the Prophet ﷺ, “ Whoever acquires knowledge of any branch of astrology, has acquired knowledge of a branch of magic. The more he increases in that knowledge the more he increases in sin.

This brings us to reading your horoscope. The first characteristic of something occultic is the disclosure or communication of information unavailable to humans through normal means. This involves things like horoscopes, fortune-telling, psychic hotlines, and tarot cards.

Why do people still use horoscopes?

One reason is that they are so easy to use. As an article in the Wall Street Journal explained, “You enter your birth date, time and location and the app calculates your specific birth chart, shedding light on your passions and predilections.”.

That is what astrology and horoscopes are about. Just to clarify, this isn’t about astronomy (the scientific study of the stars) or even about God’s use of the stars in His own workings and miracles, such as leading the wise men to the baby Jesus.

What are the negative traits of your zodiac sign?

As a new sign in the zodiac, not much is known yet about the negative traits. You have a bad reputation with monogamous relationships due to your jealous and judgemental nature coupled with your temperamental rage. Your dry sarcasm is disliked while you only associate with people who you think are useful helping you succeed.