If I was born in june what is my zodiac sign?

Let’s say that if you were born between June 1 and day 21 including of the month, you are in the sign of gemini. If you were born in one of the days 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 on June then your sign is cancer. Under it you can see two tables that show how the astrological calendar is divided on the basis of the beginning and end of a sign.

Most of June is ruled by the zodiac sign of Gemini (May 20th to June 20th), symbolized by the Twins and is the third sign of the zodiac. Ruled by the planet Mercury, Gemini is a mutable air sign known to be talkative, adaptable, versatile, affable, and quick-witted.

One common answer is, when the independent planet Uranus conjuncts the North Node in your sign, Taurus, you receive a major push from the universe to transform into a more evolved version of yourself. Read your full 2022 horoscope here.

Which horoscope is June?

Being a Gemini born on June 20th, you have a sympathetic and protective nature. You are mindful of those around you and although you have your own rhythm you try to be acceptant of everyone else’s. When something or someone has caught your attention, you have no rest until you do something.

What are people born in June called?

If you were born in June you are gemini or cancer. Aries – From 21/03 to 20/04 approximately – fire, cardinal. Taurus – From 21/04 to 20/05 approximately – earth, fixed. Gemini – From 21/05 to 21/06 approximately – air, mobile. Cancer – From 22/06 to 22/07 approximately – water, cardinal. Leo – From 23/07 to 23/08 approximately – fire, fixed, and more items.

Is June 21 a cancer or Gemini?

You are a Gemini-Cancer cusp. Location and time of birth may affect chart results, so you may want to check your chart. You are typically born into Cancer starting at June 21st or June 22nd, depending on leap year variations and your individualized information. Given that Gemini birth date ranges from May 21 – June 20 and Cancer ranges from June 21 – July 22, you will typically fall in the Gemini-Cancer cusp if you are born somewhere between June 17 – June 23.