Do libras cheat?

Libras don’t usually have cheating tendencies as they prefer making it their mission to build long lasting relationships based on faithfulness and trust. Even so, they still have a downside. They can’t help but fall for this one need mankind has: communication.

Libras tend to easily become emotionally detached, which can make them prime candidates to cheat on partners, or at least to make partners suspect this. Sadly, these suspicions are unlikely to die down until you discover the truth for yourself.

One reason for a Libra to cheat would be how easily she gets tired of the same old, same old that’s been going on in the relationship. She’ll look for something new if you’re not providing anything interesting. It will be often that you’ll hear a Libra say she’s been unfaithful because of her partner.

Are Libra men prone to cheating?

Libras Are Prone to Cheat Not every Libra man will cheat and not all cheaters are Libra men. But when you understand a Libra man’s personality, you’ll see that there are common characteristics that make him prone to cheating. He’s a hopeless romantic for one.

“Libras aren’t as clandestine as Scorpio or Pisces, and they’re not as quick as a Gemini, so often it’s their own actions that are witnessed in broad daylight by friends that tend to give away their affair,” Mckean says. Once they’re confronted by their partner, they will initially try to deny it.

Are Libras loyal in relationships?

But just because Libras love relationships doesn’t mean that they’re always loyal: These air signs love to be well-liked, making Libra one of the most flirtatious signs of the zodiac. Even in a serious partnership, many Libras continue interacting with old flames (Libras love to “keep the door open” ).

Are Libra men trapped in love triangles?

Libra men frequently feel trapped in love triangles. He may love two women at once. This is in part because of their indecisive nature. He may be tempted to cheat. He may have loose boundaries in relationships until he gets serious. He also doesn’t have much willpower.

I if they have almost given up when they are around you this is a sign that your Libra man really isn’t bothered and is not in love with you. Be especially aware if he spruces up magically for nights out or other normal events – such as a day at work.

Which zodiac signs would you cheat on each other?

A sign they’d most likely cheat on is Leo. The zodiac’s royal lion is very ambitious, loves being in the spotlight, and is a little on the selfish side. If Leo doesn’t give Scorpio enough attention, the scorpion may end up looking elsewhere.