Do tarot decks need to be gifted?

The important thing is that you connect and resonate with the deck that you use. So the short answer is: No, you don’t have to be gifted a Tarot deck. Not by any means. My first Tarot deck called out to me from the shelf of a little herb shop.

Do tarot cards need to be gifted?

Either way, you absolutely do not need to be gifted a deck to start reading the tarot. Go and buy the deck that feels right to you (but it is best to start with a deck that you can begin working with) and enjoy the journey.

Tarot cards do not have to be a gift. This myth came about from many different factors, including very real consequences. Before mass printing was available, Tarot decks were only accessible by the wealthy. They were used in a game that is like some other complicated card games today and it included gambling.

Can tarot cards be accepted as a gift?

Tarot Cards as Gifts There are some people who believe you should never accept Tarot cards as a gift. If a deck is given to you as a heartfelt offering from someone who has nothing but positive thoughts about you, there is no reason why you can’t accept them – just give them a good cleansing before you use them the first time.

Can I buy my own tarot deck?

You can’t purchase your first Tarot deck—it has to be received as a gift. Try as I might, I haven’t been able to track down the origin of the idea that it’s somehow improper or inauspicious to buy your own Tarot deck. An acquaintance of mine who comes from a Romani (Gypsy) family tells me that this is one of their customs.

What is a nature tarot deck?

So a tarot set which deeply relates to nature – if you have received it as gift then its a blessing through universe – it is meant for you and universe wants you to make use of it “WISELY”, I know cards. I have alot of decks. Worked on keen. Com and can be found online It was explained to me that it’s a law of attraction sort of thing.

Do I need to sort my tarot cards?

Sorting the cards and placing them back in their proper sequence can be a relaxing, meditative activity—but it’s by no means necessary. A good shuffle or two to mix in the cards from the last reading is all the maintenance a Tarot deck requires.

Is there a tradition for getting a tarot reading?

But not from a tarot card reader, so clearly traditions are what people make them! For you as a new tarot card reader it is best for you to get one as a gift from someone they work better that way so you learn how to feel the cards so you can hear them when they speak.

So, is it easy to learn Tarot for yourself?

The more accessible Tarot becomes, the fewer people believe that reading the cards is the provenance of a gifted few. And even professional cartomancers have to learn somewhere—usually, by reading for themselves. That’s not to say that it’s easy to do Tarot divination for yourself. The potential for self-deception is high.