Can tarot drain your energy?

The answer to this question is yes. However, it’s important to clarify that the cards themselves can’t drain your energy, but a lot of other different factors can cause a feeling of drainage during or after reading.

Do tarot cards carry negative energy?

I was told by my reiki master years ago that tarot cards carried a negative energy and that not everyone was able to handle them safely. Thanks to my extensive experience in tarot reading, I can safely say she was wrong. It is not the cards that carry the negative energy. As such they carry no specific energy.

Does tarot work?

The short answer is: YES! The important point to take away from this post is that Tarot cards REALLY work because they are nothing more than a language, a symbol. The message comes from your Soul (or unconscious mind) and Higher Planes. Then it will never be wrong or “not work”.

Another common question is “How can I use tarot cards to improve my life?”.

Tarot is perfect for self-development, making choices, manifesting goals, coaching others, planning a business, writing a book, meditating—you name it. While many people believe that Tarot will tell you the future, making predictions are not really what Tarot cards are about.

Do tarot card readings work?

The answer is no. On the other hand, if you are familiar with the cards and lay out the sp read yourself, the answers can be revealing. If you go to a card tarot card reader, the same information may be forthcoming. This article explains when a tarot card reading can be helpful and why tarot card predictions of the future don’t work .

Is it bad to read tarot cards?

, and not good. Secondly, using tarot cards open you up to the world of the invisible. It is a powerful tool that should not be tempered with without appropriate training. Opening to the spirit world without knowing the basics of protection and grounding can lead to all sorts of bad experiences.

When we were reading we ran into the query “Can tarot cards predict the future?”.

Yes, many people use tarot cards to predict the future. However, I feel that the future is constantly shifting based on the decisions you make every day so it’s maybe not the best use. Sure, we get a snapshot of where we are headed and a good overview of what the conditions are like.

Firstly, if you are vulnerable or worried about something, if a so called negative card comes up like the death card, you will feel worse and are likely to immediately imagine the worst. If I am worried about my health, the last thing I want is to pick the death card.

Why do we love Tarot?

The tarot can be brutally honest but sometimes we need that ‘friend’ who really tells us how it is and pulls us into line. The cards and card combinations reflect every possible human and spiritual experience we can have. I often think of tarot like a mirror that is reflecting these experiences back at us.