Can tarot predict death?

That being said, although Tarot can predict death, it absolutely doesn’t mean that Tarot cards cause death. Death causes death, and death is always a matter of life, so you should never fear your Tarot cards. Physical death is going to happen whether you predict it or not.

While several readers acknowledge that Tarot cards can predict physical death, there are many who shy away from the subject and even deny that physical death can be predicted through Tarot cards at all. They argue that a major transformation or figurative death can be foretold, but not real death and dying.

How do you predict death in tarot cards?

So, to accurately predict death, you should look for a card which can represent an illness or a sudden and shocking, quick event. Then, you would pull a card which represents the death. Once death takes place, you would expect to see a period of mourning or, even, a card which indicates an inheritance.

You should be thinking “Can you see in the Tarot if a person is going to die?”

Sorry, reading Tarot cards is a scam… Tarot readers have an above average ability to “read” people…Basically the reader deduces what to say to the client based on conversation with the client and the client’s body language.

You could be asking “Does the five of Wands Tarot card predict death?”

One answer is, however, if the future after death contains relatively positive cards that can mark new beginnings, the Death card predicts a metaphorical death. The Five of Wands can be a Tarot card that predicts death for a couple of reasons. Writing in 1888, Mathers noted that the Five of Wands was a card of inheritance.

Which tarot cards predict physical death?

It is pretty obvious that Death is the most common card which predicts physical death, so does not require much explanation. While the Death Tarot card doesn’t always mean physical death, there will be times when it will predict real death. Although rare, it does happen.

This is what my research found. This combination is the most significant for physical death. > Hanged man followed by 9, 8 or 10 swords could be predicting a suicide. > Queen of swords could be showing a relative’s death, even for a disappeared pet. But surround cards must be negative too. Usually to confirm a physical death all the outcome must be negative.

Can a one-card draw reveal what kind of death is being predicted?

So a one-card draw is not sufficient for illuminating what kind of death is being predicted.

Can the 5 of Swords predict physical death?

Therefore, the 5 of Swords is a Tarot card which can predict physical death. I have not heard Tarot readers discuss this belief or write about it for a while, but you may want to use it in your Tarot practice. The 5 of Wands can be a Tarot card which predicts death for a couple of reasons.