Why do tarot readers knock on the cards?

You or your Tarot cards have been exposed to a lot of negative energy (for example, a particularly negative client or a challenging situation in your own personal life). Your Tarot readings are confusing and unclear, and you are often drawing a blank with the cards. Other people have touched your cards without your permission.

But the majority of tarot people I know are serious artists, therapists and craftsmen. They love tarot, enjoy what they are doing and believe it a positive thing for them and the people they work with. They’re the real deal. Most tarot readings start with a question or area of focus such as career or relationship.

How effective is a tarot card reading?

In the Rider-Waite tarot, Thoth and other decks intended for divination (reading), all 78 cards have distinct images. In my experience tarot reading by a sincere practitioner is effective.

What is a tarot deck?

When someone speaks of tarot, they are talking about the 78 card tarot deck which appeared five centuries ago in central Europe. There are two parts to a tarot deck. The trumps, or major arcana, are numbered 0 to 21. Each is associated with a particular figure. The minor arcana is divided into four suits – Cups, Wands, Swords and Coins.

Tarot gives us another perspective through which we can view our situation. When you receive a tarot reading, either from a professional reader, or when reading for yourself, interpretations that are reflected back to you through the cards can provide profound insight into questions.

How do I release Stuck energy from my tarot cards?

A quick way to release any stuck energy in between readings is to knock or tap the deck 3 times while also visualising that stuck energy being released. It’s particularly helpful if you’ve had a reading that was quite intense or the energy afterwards felt unresolved. Hold your cards in both hands, close your eyes and relax.