What taurus guns are recalled?

There are a Taurus recall forum and a Taurus recall website though, from which you can get the latest update on the Taurus recall status.

Is there a million-recall on Taurus guns?

Unfortunately, at the time of our original post, Taurus Guns’ Facebook, Twitter, and website did not have any information about this voluntary million-gun-recall.

You might be thinking “What is going on with the Taurus recall?”

Taurus is dodging this recall by constantly pushing the Final Court Settlement date off into the future. Taurus will not take the guns back even though the settlement declares under the Enhanced Warranty they must take them back without any claim and without any cost to the owner. The only people making out on this bogus recall are the attorneys.

Are Taurus guns dangerous?

Unless you’ve been living on Mars, you and most gun owners know that Taurus got dragged into court a lot a few years ago with many a class-action lawsuit. They have recalled many of their dangerous guns that don’t always go bang when they should as well as their firearms that sometimes DO go bang when they should not.

Yet another query we ran across in our research was “Is Taurus a reliable brand of firearm?”.

The M85 gives a good run for their money. Its used in Singapore, and has never seen a single issue.

You might be wondering “Are taurus pistols reliable?”

Taurus: Simply Reliable Whether your firearm is bought to be a collectable, a hunting tool, or a home-defense method, one thing every firearms owner wants is reliability. For those who want a firearm that does its job consistently without costing too much money, we recommend new and used Taurus pistols.

Is the Taurus G2C a good gun?

Similar to the Millennium, Millennium Pro and G2 before it, the G2C is an accurate, reliable and durable firearm offered at a lower price point than several pistols from competing brands. Features and specs: 3.2″ barrel 12-round magazine 3-dot sights Overall length: 6.2″ Overall weight: 22 ounces Taurus G2Cowners say: Affordable, smooth, reliable!

Accurate and reliable, the TX22 shoots and feels like a custom-tuned competition model but it’s priced at a fraction of the cost.

I can dig in. i have a Taurus PT 24/7 Pro DS in .40 S&W which has been a reliable and fine operating firearm. The .45’s in the same model had feeding and ejection issues.