Will taurus judge shoot 3 inch shells?

Shotgun shells are either filled with birdshot as a 2.5 inch size with various weights, or most buckshot as a 3 inch shell. Most Taurus Judges handle a variety of 2.5 inch shells, but as mentioned, the 6.5 inch barrel model does have 3 inch shell capabilities. The weight of your .45 Colt load will determine the velocity and energy of your round.

Another frequently asked inquiry is “Can taurus judge shoot slugs?”.

The most frequent answer is; the Judge models are five-shot revolvers with a lengthened cylinder to accept standard. 410 -bore shotgun shells. Judge revolvers will shoot birdshot, buckshot or slugs depending upon the shooter’s needs.

Can I use foreign shot shells in my Taurus?

That being said, it is best to use only USA made shot shells in you Taurus as some foreign shells are a bit longer and will extend into the forcing cone once shot, whereby locking the cylinder from rotating.

You can shoot pretty much anything that fits (although don’t try jamming a 3″ shell into a 2.5″ chamber). While 410 slugs will fit, they won’t shoot well because the gun is chambered in 45. As far as “special” ammo goes, Federal makes 410 000 buck rounds for pistols that goes for about $0.70 a round.

What is the best ammo for a Taurus Judge?

On that note, #00 and #000 weight options are available in a 2.5 inch shell. These are defined by 3 or 4 larger pellet loads and are considered the best close range defense option.

Is there a judge review for the Taurus 5 shot revolver?

Well, there have been more requests for a candid Judge review lately than for most revolvers, so here we go. The tested article is the three inch stainless steel “magnum” version of the Taurus 5 shot .45 Colt revolver which offers the novelty of being able to chamber and shoot three inch unfolded length .410 bore shotshells as well.

Also, what are the pros and cons of a Taurus Judge 410 revolver?

3 Numerous models available. 4 Reliable and powerful. 5 Decent front sight. 6 Reasonably priced. 7 Best for close-quarter self-defense.

Why does your judge stay loaded with clays rounds?

This time of year, my Judge stays loaded with these clays rounds because of the snakes. I typically kill 6-8 snakes, almost all Copperheads, every summer. A few years ago, I took out one that was a good 20 feet above me up in a tree with one shot. BTW, these loads are also good against tree rats too.