Why taurus men withdraw?

Another reason why a Taurus man withdraws is that he is just too busy. Taurus men are known to be very hardworking by nature, and it could be he is ignoring you because he is working on something that is very urgent and doesn’t have time to spend with you at the moment.

Why does a Taurus man suddenly pull away?

He feels insecure. Taurus men value security, and they also want to feel secure when in a relationship with a woman. So, your Taurus lover is likely to withdraw from you if he feels his security is threatened.

If a man or woman appeals to him, Taurus will put out his feelers, and if he anticipates a threat to his comfort level, he’ll just go back to his cozy spot. So if he disappears on you after expressing interest, he’s not playing mind games with you … he’s just feeling hesitant.

What is a Taurus man’s weakness?

Taurus men seem to have a weakness for a full round rear end. Though he may be attracted from the get go, he will still likely take his time to make sure that you’re the one.

Taurus men are notorious for being inconsistent in relationships, while expecting others to be consistent with them. This can lead many women to give up on Taurus guys. A Taurus man testing you may shut down or suddenly become distant .

A Taurus man needs to take his time when he’s in a relationship . If he feels like things are going way too fast, he’s going to distance himself as fast as he can. He’s not a huge fan of change, so if you’re the kind of person that wants to get serious and move in together before he’s ready, he’s not going to want to stick around.

One common answer is, when a Taurus man is in love with you, he may try to ignore a few things that don’t sit well with him. But more often than not, a Taurus man will look for reasons to back out of a relationship because he starts to feel insecure when he’s falling in love.

Is your Taurus man giving you the silent treatment?

However, if your Taurus man is giving you the silent treatment, it is important that you give him space to cool down and talk to you when he is ready. A Taurus man wants to be in charge and he hates it when a woman dominates his life. Taurean guys don’t want to be with a woman who is bossy and overbearing.