Is taurus sc as good as termidor sc?

Taurus SC is comparable to Termidor SC, but at a lower cost, so we highly recommend it if you want an affordable way to get rid of termites from your property. Tools Needed To use Taurus SC, you will need a hand-held pump sprayer, a backpack sprayer, or a professional spraying rig for large volume applications.

You should be thinking “What is the difference between Termidor and Taurus SC?”

Some authors claimed termidor decreases the nuisance ants and all general pests. Taurus sc is the generic version of termidor sc. The only Difference is the manufacturers otherwise there are same active ingredients, same concentration and somewhat the same label. Taurus SC cannot be used for ants and some past for which termidor can be used.

Taurus sc review: Taurus sc is a insecticide which is used for keeping termites away from your home. It is one of the best products in this category. It contains 9.1% of fipronil which turns helpful for effective protection from termites and other insects which turn out to be host for the termites or wood destroying insects.

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What is Termidor SC?

Creates a durable barrier between wooden furniture and pests when injected in soil Termidor sc is an effective product for clearing out termites within 3 months or less. Therefore after it was introduced in 2000 in America it has become the leading anti termite product and has been used in 4 million spaces till date.

Can you use Taurus SC to kill ants?

Taurus SC cannot be used for ants and some past for which termidor can be used. Termites are tiny dangerous insects which can cause massive damage so you should immediately choose one of them and use it as both are effective for termites.