How do virgos deal with breakups?

But due to their down to earth nature, Virgos accept that breakups happen, and when they do they need to be tackled in a pragmatic and rational way. Fundamentally humble and self-deprecating, a Virgo is more likely to respond to a breakup by analyzing where they personally went wrong than hurling abuse at you.

When a Virgo man ends his relationship with a woman, it’s usually because she was unwilling or couldn’t live up to his “ideal” expectations.

The Virgo woman is famous for doing this to her partners when feeling betrayed. However, a breakup may not annoy or bother her that much because it would only seem to her that she only got a new chance to analyze herself and to determine what she can learn from it.

How do your zodiac signs react to breakups?

While some signs relish post-breakup attention from their circles ( Leo and Gemini), others are much more private, only seeking advice from their closest companions (Virgo and Pisces). Some try to avoid heartache altogether by pretending the relationship never even happened (Sagittarius and Aquarius).

Will a Virgo Man Miss you when he breaks up?

When a Virgo man breaks up with you, instead of holding out hope for a reconciliation, you need to accept it and try to move on. You might be wondering will a Virgo man miss you after breaking up, and the answer is yes, of course he will. He just won’t show it because it’s too hard for him, and he will refuse to get back together.

One more question we ran across in our research was “What does a Virgo woman want from her ex-boyfriend?”.

When going through a separation from her man, the Virgo woman may be more worried about how the entire situation will affect her group of friends, which means she’ll avoid drama as much as possible, no matter how difficult this may be for her. This lady wants fairness, so her ex shouldn’t blame her for the breakup.

What to do when breaking up with a Virgo man?

So when breaking up with a Virgo, don’t be afraid of hurting them by revealing the ugly truth ; you’ll hurt them much more by keeping them in the dark.

This is what we learned. this simple secret about Virgo men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you. A Virgo man may seem like he’s perfectly fine, even immediately after a breakup. But underneath the surface, this sensitive sign is hurting far more than it appears.

If trying to get rid of the Virgo man, a woman should be as disorganized as possible because he hates chaos and will surely start to criticize her as soon as seeing a few unwashed dishes in the sink.