Are virgos hard to date?

Although Virgos might not come across as very exciting or emotional, they’re very sensitive and caring once you get to know them.

Another common query is “Are virgos really nice?”.

While Virgos are generally nice people, they don’t do well with people who are incompetent or just aren’t very smart. Virgos are hardworking, and they think everyone else should put in the hard work to become just as talented as them. They don’t understand that everyone has different ways of learning and different learning capacities altogether.

Virgos can fall in love easily but they find it hard to really open up to another person and really be vulnerable. It is impossible for a relationship to develop if one partner is unwilling, to be honest, and open about themselves. Virgos often keep themselves closed for a long time, making it hard for other people to love them.

Are You a hard-to-get Virgo?

Virgos may play hard-to-get when it comes to sharing their feelings, but nothing’s harder than how hard they are on themselves. They’re extremely critical of their work in all aspects of their life, whether it’s for a paying job or just a fun hobby.

Yet another inquiry we ran across in our research was “Is it possible to date a Virgo?”.

One answer is that after all, their honesty is just one reason why dating a Virgo is not for the faint of heart. Moral of the story: If you aren’t ready to fully commit, to appreciate unconditional love, and to support and return it in kind, then dating a Virgo probs isn’t the move for you.

Do Virgos have high expectations?

Virgos have high expectations for every aspect of their life. Virgos work hard and are one of the zodiac signs with the highest expectations, no one can understand exactly what the Virgo expects from life. Often things are not good enough and no one can make a Virgo happy.

This begs the question “Why do Virgos need so much power?”

But at work, or at school, or anywhere else, Virgos need to have the power . They need power because they seem to be the only people that can handle it. A Virgo’s cold, calculating personality makes it so they know how to use their responsibility wisely (one might argue, a little too wisely).

They are hardworking perfectionists, and often see other people as inferior or other people’s work as damaging to their vision. Virgo is all business. So maybe in more social, low-stakes situations, they are perfectly nice people! But at work, or at school, or anywhere else, Virgos need to have the power.

What attracts a Virgo man to you?

Beauty and good looks are nice but if you don’t have anything else going for you then the Virgo will quickly get bored. To really capture the Virgos attention you’ll need traits like ambition, confidence and perhaps most importantly of all: intelligence.