Why are virgos so hard to love?

Virgos can often be hard to love because of the way that they hold their emotions and feelings inside. Virgos can often be closed and find it hard to be open and vulnerable with another person. They cannot find a way to be sensitive and open themselves up to the potential of being hurt by someone when they decide to love them.

You may be asking “Why are Virgos so difficult to get along with?”

One source stated that virgos tend to find communication hard. Communication is of the most important things in any healthy relationship, and without it, it is likely that the relationship will eventually break down. Virgos hold their feelings inside and fail to communicate how they are feeling with their partner.

Virgos often find it extremely hard to relax and enjoy life because of their high expectations and judgemental nature. They spend a lot of their time criticizing themselves and their relationship and forget to be present at the moment. This can make it extremely hard for their partners and it often spells the end of their relationships.

What are Virgos obsessed with?

A Virgo is a type of star, which is obsessed with order and neatness. It cannot bear the idea of an untidy place. Whenever a partner who is settling in with a Virgo, it becomes very difficult for them to realize that they are control freaks regarding the order of things. This may bother the person to the point of madness.

Why do Virgos hide their feelings?

Virgos hide their feelings because they are scared of getting hurt. When we love someone we open ourselves up to being hurt by them. Love and pain come hand in hand and it is almost impossible to go through life and relationships without experiencing pain at the same time.

Then, how do Virgos act when they are hurt?

When Virgos are hurt or upset they tend to hide their feelings inside. Thus, you may not always be able to tell straight away how a Virgo is feeling. They may appear cold and unemotional because of this character trait. They are often hard to read and understand and find it hard to really open up to those people that they love .

Why is it ironic to fall in love with a Virgo?

It’s ironic because they love everyone around them so deeply and so hard and it might frustrate you as you wish they could channel that into themselves. Don’t fall in love with a Virgo because they don’t half-ass anything in their life and that includes love and relationship.

What is it like to love a Virgo man?

But to Love Virgo is like pushing yourself to face this pain more often than usual. As a Virgo is different than all the other stars and that is the reason, they are much more difficult to be loved.