Which celestial created the eternals?

Eternals’ Celestial is Arishem the Judge Arishem, the Prime Celestial, looms large in Eternals as the movie’s primary antagonist — or at least the being to whom the main cast is subject to. He’s big, he’s powerful on a scale heretofore unseen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and he created the Eternals and the Deviants.

You could be wondering “Why did the celestials create the eternals?”

As for the Eternals, they were created by the Celestials to monitor the progression of the accidental “spill” on Earth. The Celestials also created an equal number of Deviants in their experiments to see how far they could take the newly birthed genetic pool.

As mentioned in the movie’s trailers and their comic book origins, the Celestials and Eternals are connected simply because the Celestials created them. When the Celestials first came to Earth, they found life and began conducting experiments. This later created three genetic-offshoot races: Humans, Eternals and Deviants.

The Celestials created the Eternals and the Deviants. This visitation and initial act of tinkering with Earth life was known as “The First Host.” The thing to remember with any of the “projects” the Celestials executed was it was sort of based on the basic scientific method.

Who are the Celestials?

The Celestials made their debut in The Eternals #1 (1976), written and drawn by the legendary Jack Kirby, and have been an essential part of the Eternals’ origins. Fortunately, when The Eternals comic series came to an end, the presence of the Celestials expanded to other books.

As an ancient race, the Celestials also possess vast matter and energy manipulation capabilities and are extremely powerful. In fact, the Celestials are also notorious for their utilisation of the Infinity Stones to their advantage.

When I was writing we ran into the inquiry “How do the Celestials experiment on life?”.

How the Celestials go about doing their business experimenting on life is rather simple, and comprises four different visits to a planet. A specialised team of Celestials, referred to as ‘Hosts’, will review the lifeforms they’ve created to determine if they’re worthy of existing any further.

What would happen if the Celestials took over humanity?

Next, the Celestials would manipulate the DNA of mankind, however some tribes of humans would escape the Celestials’ manipulations, such as the Moon Tribe. The Celestials would create the Deviants and the Eternals to keep the human race in check until they themselves would begin mutating with special powers due to their own natural evolution.