Which tarot card represents me?

The first method to know the card that represents you is through your zodiac sign. Each tarot card is associated with various characteristics that closely resemble the signs. Aries: The Emperor – achievement, confidence, power. Taurus: The Hierophant – traditional, wisdom, practical. Gemini: The Lovers – attraction, beauty, nature.

Which tarot card best represents you in your day-to-day life?

For the sake of argument, let’s say you’ve decided that the card that best represents you in your day-to-day life is the Queen of Cups, because you’re a Pisces and you tend to be tuned in to things that are more ethereal and ephemeral than things that are pragmatic.

What does the world Tarot card mean?

You will be kept safe as long as you walk to the beat of your own drum. The World tarot card signifies the achievement of dreams and finding an answer to your questions. If your birth card is the World, you will gain success in the face of your hurdles. This card will lead you to find your happily ever after moment.

To give an answer to what tarot card am I, we will start to find out what tarot card arcana card are you, you need to follow these very simple steps. Write down your date of birth in the following format; 20/03/1976. Once you’ve written, add up the all the digits like this: 2+0+0+3+1+9+7+6. Adding them will give you a total of 28.

Which tarot card represents aquarius?

What Tarot Card represents Aquarius The Tarot Card representing Aquarius is The Star, the seventeenth card (XVII) of the Major Arcana set. How does this Tarot Card represent Aquarius? The star tarot card represents Aquarius and its quest for peace, balance for its strong optimism.

Some have found that a look at the symbolism of Aquarius’ Tarot Card, the Star. Every zodiac sign is ruled by a Tarot card from the Major Arcana! The zodiac sign of Aquarius is ruled by The Star card.

What does the Fool tarot card mean for Aquarius?

The Fool represents eagerness and cheerfulness. It may also seem careless or rebellious. This card represents Aquarius traits of being daydreamers, but also their lightheartedness. Read more about the Fool Tarot card, here.

What does the star card mean in Aquarius?

Similar to water-bearing Aquarius, The Star card features a woman that is pouring water into a body of water and into the earth, providing nourishment and restoring hope for the future. She has one foot in the water, symbolizing intuition, and one on land, symbolizing stability.

Which tarot cards represent the waterbearer?

It is no surprise that of all the cards in the Major Arcana, The Star is the one which represents the Waterbearer sign. Firstly, it is important to bear in mind that Aquarius is the only astrological sign which is represented with two elements – Air and Water.

Can you pick a different significance for each Tarot reading?

You can actually pick a different significator for each tarot reading. Depending on how you feel and what the circumstances are, you may actually prefer to select something other than your “go-to” tarot card to represent how you perceive your role in any given situation—and we’ll get to that.