Which tarot card are you?

Each card indicates different emotional, spiritual, or mental states. It is recognized that the Major Arcana are trump cards, that is, the most important cards in the entire Tarot – and it is on them that we will focus our attention on today. We have selected 10 of the most interesting cards, in our opinion, that can reflect your personality.

A frequent question we ran across in our research was “How do you Find Your Personality card in tarot?”.

An answer is that to find your personality card, add together the day, month, and year of your birthdate: 21 + 2 + 1995 = 2018. Then, add the single digits of the year together to get your personality card: 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11, which makes your personality card the Justice tarot card.

Another common query is “What can you learn from your numerology and tarot cards?”.

Numerology and tarot cards can also tell you what difficulties you will face in life and how to handle them. You can find out which card relates the most to you based on your birthday.

What tarot deck should I buy?

The rider-waite tarot deck is one of the most traditional tarot decks that you can buy. This means that it is perfect for beginners as almost every tarot reader out there will be familiar with this deck and its interpretations.

What is the best tarot deck to learn with?

I first learned with the Rider Waite and this is still my number 1 go to deck for readings. I have collected a number of beautiful decks over time and definitely use them all but the Rider Waite is the one that I always come back to. Some will say that you can’t buy a deck and you must be given a deck by somebody else. I say baloney!

Tarot Decks can come in many sizes, including oversized cards to give the images full center stage, or miniature sized decks for portability and smaller hands. Standard decks are about 7cm x 12cm (2.75 inches x 4.75 inches), but you may prefer smaller or larger decks.

Are all spiritual card decks Tarot?

It may be rather confusing for new readers to know that not all spiritual card decks are tarot. There are Lenormand decks, and oracle cards, and they are very different from the tarot, even though they are used in similar ways.

Another common question is “Are all tarot decks the same?”.

Tarot decks also oftentimes come with themes as well. Whether it’s cats, dragons or vampires, there’s likely a tarot deck that exists out there for it. If you find yourself drawn to the same deck over and over again, follow your instincts and go for it. It may be rather confusing for new readers to know that not all spiritual card decks are tarot.

What are the major arcana tarot cards?

The Major Arcana cards of the Tarot are based on archetypes of the human experience. Together, they tell a story, beginning with the Fool and arriving finally at the World. At some point along your journey in your life, you yourself will embody each and every Major Arcana Tarot card.