Which zodiac sign is the most sensitive?

Pisces is the most sensitive sign in the zodiac. For those of us familiar with astrology, we know the telltale signs of a Pisces: ultra-intuitive, very love-dovey, loves romantic French flicks, glass of white wine in hand and definitely listens to Fleetwood Mac. But there’s something extra-special that makes Pisces so sensitive.

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The most emotionally sensitive people of the zodiac are Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Leo and Aries. They’re take things directly to heart because they think the world is out to get them! Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer and Aries struggle to let things go and often have trouble moving on.

Which zodiac sign cries the most?

For the zodiac signs, while Water sign Pisces tends to cry the most due to their intuitive and deeply emotional nature, Air sign Aquarius cries the least, has little to no empathy, and avoids any situations where their lack of emotion will be on display.

Which zodiac sign is the most annoying?

No people, just because Aries is a fire sign does not mean they are at the top of the list. People with Taurus zodiac signs are stubborn and aggressive. They can do things quickly, so they are easily irritated, making them obnoxious and violent when agitated. Virgos have strong expectations from their near and dear ones as perfectionists, and if these expectations are not fulfilled, Virgos can become enraged. They have strong opinions and are quite bossy. They can never admit their mistake and will remain firm in their convictions.

Is Scorpio the most annoying zodiac sign?

Scorpio gets a bad rap. Yes, they’re among the most annoying zodiac signs — they’re secretive, manipulative, and dramatic. But Scorpio knows things, and Scorpio can make things happen. It takes work to get close to them. Like the creature for which they’re named, you might not want to get too close.

You could be asking “Which zodiac signs get a bad reputation?”

You may also see a pattern of Mercurial signs getting a bit of a bad reputation so far, as Virgo, like Gemini, is ruled by the planet of communication. Like Gemini, Virgo is unafraid to voice their ideas and concerns, and its Earthy nature may seem too nitpicky for some.

Do you have something hypersensitive about your zodiac sign?

Each zodiac sign comes with its own strengths, weaknesses and insecurities. They may not be obvious, but If you dig deep enough, you will likely find that just about everyone has something they are hypersensitive about.

Are Pisces sensitive zodiac signs?

Pisces (February 19 – March 20) Pisces are highly sensitive as they tend to process things on a very deep level. They’re also extremely intuitive and compassionate, care about other people, and always wish to do their best by them. It’s been said that Pisces are so overly sensitive that it’s practically impossible for them not to get emotional.

What are the most annoying personality traits?

However, there are a few unfortunate personality traits that aren’t just annoying, but downright hurtful: dishonesty, breaking promises, cruelty, selfishness, clinginess and, of course, some of the zodiac signs are a lot more predisposed to these behaviors than others.