What zodiac rules mercury?

Virgo is ruled by Mercury and channels its energies into work and service. It’s through these energies that Virgo attempts to create perfection and find order in life. Which zodiac sign is dangerous?

What is a Mercury sign in astrology?

Mercury is the planet of the mind—it rules how we make sense of the world and our place in it. Think of your birth chart as a snapshot of what the sky looked like the moment you were born. Your Mercury sign = which zodiac sign Mercury was in when you were born.

You may be asking “What if Mercury is in the same sign as the Sun?”

Since Mercury travels close to the Sun, it will be either in the same sign or in the one before or after on the Zodiac. Mercury is the messenger, and in myth, associated with the power of words as spellcasters.

What zodiac sign is Venus ruled by Mercury?

Venus is the planet of love, but it also rules over things like luxury, pleasure, and value. This makes it feel right at home in the realm of the decadent sign of Taurus. Taurus is an earth sign, meaning its focus is on material things and sensory experiences — and in Taurus, Venus is at its most opulent.

Taurus: Ruled by Venus As a sign under the planet of love, Taurus often displays a focus on material things and sensory experience. Earthen signs like Taurus typically focus on things like that, and Venus helps them express this fully. While it is the planet of love, Venus is also a planet of luxury and value.

While we were researching we ran into the inquiry “Which zodiac signs are most compatible with Venus?”.

The most frequent answer is; venus is all about romance and pleasure, so it’s no surprise that this decadent planet would have enough love to share with two zodiac signs. In addition to Taurus, Venus also rules over air sign Libra, which is the sign of balance and relationships.

This of course begs the question “What does Venus mean in astrology?”

One source proposed Venus is said to be the ruler of Taurus, an Earth sign, and Libra, which is an Air sign. Venus has to do with how we indulge in our senses, how we express our love and how we assign beauty to things. It’s a planet that has to do with relationships as well because it rules the 7th house of partnerships.

Which zodiac signs are ruled by the planets?

Zodiacs and their Ruling Planets. Red-hot and fiery Mars governs the equally feisty sign of Aries. Like its namesake, the Roman god of war embodies passion and 2 Taurus: Ruled by Venus. 4 Cancer: Ruled by the Moon. 5 Leo: Ruled by the Sun., and more items.

Each zodiac sign has a corresponding planet, and is ruled by one of the 10 energies in our solar system. If you learn your entire chart, you can study which planet fell into which sign at the time of your birth. My sun sign, which symbolizes the self, is ruled by Mars. But my Moon sign, which represents emotions, is ruled by Saturn.

How do I Find my Mercury sign in my birth chart?

Look for the Mercury symbol on your birth chart to discover the sign and house position. Then, read about each of the Mercury signs. Since Mercury travels close to the Sun, it will be either in the same sign or in the one before or after on the Zodiac.