How zodiac sign is decided?

Your zodiac sign is determined by the sign the sun was in at the time of your birth. Determining zodiac sign is the first step towards drawing significant conclusion about individuals, understanding his/her character and even making meaning predictions about their life by applying the wisdom of astrology.

Another common question is “How to know your zodiac sign?”.

Aries are known to be bold and passionate, which is why they should opt for short, vibrant red dress to show off their fiery personality. Many are already aware that the Bullish sign of Taurus is a fashionista who will want to dress to impress. As an air sign, Geminis get a wrap for being fairy-like.

While we were writing we ran into the inquiry “How to zodiac sign by date of birth?”.

All you need to do to determine your zodiac sign is to look at zodiac sign dates and find your astrological sign based on your day and month of birth. For instance, if you are born on March 23, then your zodiac sign will be Aries. There are two dates for each sign. The first one shows when the range begins, and another indicates when it ends.

What is the origin of the zodiac signs?

However, even later descriptions of some Zodiac signs were found in the Babylonian collection of 1370 BC. The Babylonian Zodiac consisted of the date description, when a constellation appeared in the sky at dawn, and it copied many familiar names: Leo, Bull, Ram, and Scorpio.

Another frequently asked query is “When is the Sun in each zodiac sign?”.

It depends on which Zodiac Sign the Sun is at the time you were born. Each of the 12 Signs has 30 degrees to make the 360 degree circle. Zero degrees of The Sign of Aries is set each year at sunrise on the Equator on March 21st. And the other Signs measured from there. The following is a list of dates when the Sun is in each Sign.

Each of these signs has 30 degrees to complete the 360-degree circle. Zero degrees of the Aries sign is set every year at sunrise on the equator of March 21 followed by which others signs are measured. The 12 signs are divided into 4 elements and the zodiac signs represent the characteristics of them.

What is your real Zodiac sign?

According to your zodiac sign, could tell you even more.

How do you find a birth date?

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