What zodiac sign should pisces date?

If you’re a Scorpio (October23- November 21), you should date a Pisces! These are two opposite characters who also manage to embody the old concept of “opposites attract”. They sometimes have different shades in terms of their character, but they share a general codependency that serves to strengthen their bond.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) AVOID PISCES. Never interact with a Pisces unless you absolutely have to. They’re bad news when it comes to how you want to live your life.

If you’re a Pisces ( February 19 – march 20), you should date a Capricorn ! Here we come to a scenario where different elements of two signs work to a couple’s favor. Capricorns are generally laid back and this allows them to handle virtually anything their Pisces counterparts throw at them.

The trick is to date someone from a country whose general traits fit in with your zodiac—if you’re an Aries or Leo, you probably won’t find love with somebody from a hugely conservative and introverted culture.

What are the negative characteristics of Pisces?

While there are many positive attributes to a Pisces, they can sometimes be perceived as lazy, lacking initiative, and pessimistic. Just like a fish, people with this cosmic sign often hide from the world. People with this sign tend to keep a lot to themselves, making them very difficult to read and understand fully.

What animals do Pisces like the most?

They especially love cats, guinea pigs, and fish (since that is their sign). If you are in a relationship with a person from this sign, you may find yourself getting a pet, so it is best that you like animals too. 7. ) “Don’t be so naive.” Pisces are known to be dreamy compared to all other signs.

What should I Never Say to a Pisces friend?

1.) “Get your head out of the clouds.”. People with this sign are known to be the dreamers of the universe. They think and dream big. This ability to 2.) “ Do you always need to be in a relationship ? 3.) “I don’t care that you made it.”.