What do zodiac signs hate?

Aries likes freedom and to enjoy their life without being restricted. An Aries will move on to the next phase without looking back. This could cause Cancer zodiac signs to hate Aries.

Gemini is the most hated sign Gemini is a fascinating sign, and as it is represented by the twins, it combines two extremes, which consequently make for a turbulent personality. The truth is, you never know what to expect with Gemini people.

Because society has different expectations of men and women, the most hated sign for males is not the same as the most hated sign for females. Scorpios are controlling, secretive, manipulative, and overly emotional, making them the most hated zodiac sign for women.

Why do people hate people born under the zodiac sign Leo?

Because those born under this sign are for the most part quite full of themselves, people usually either obsess over them or really cannot stand them. There is not much room for any kind of in-between.

What zodiac signs do not like each other?

Aries zodiac signs are also on the “do not like” list . Aries is a fire sign who enjoys their freedom. Even though both Aries and Cancer are Cardinal zodiac signs, their approach comes from a different headspace. Cancers are all about family. Aries can be kind of selfish when they are focused on a goal.

Which zodiac signs get a bad reputation?

You may also see a pattern of Mercurial signs getting a bit of a bad reputation so far, as Virgo, like Gemini, is ruled by the planet of communication. Like Gemini, Virgo is unafraid to voice their ideas and concerns, and its Earthy nature may seem too nitpicky for some.

Another frequently asked question is “Which zodiac signs cheat the most?”.

Gemini men, on the other hand, often use their two-faced personalities to cheat on their partners and get away with it. Born between October 23rd and November 21st, Scorpio is one of the most hated signs of the zodiac, and perhaps the most hated sign of all for women.

Why do Aries hate people?

They don’t like other people and thus, can be termed as loners due to their tendency of being by themselves. Have a look at 4 such zodiac signs who hate people and who are misanthropic. Aries-born people have a certain sense of arrogance in them. They believe that they are superior to others.