What zodiac you are if your born on 16 of may?

If you were born on May 16th, your zodiac sign is Taurus. As a Taurus person born on this day, you exhibit all the classic qualities of the typical Taurus. These are reliability, responsibility, stability, and an overall pleasantness about you.

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Let’s say that if you were born between May 1 and day 20 including of the month, you are in the sign of taurus. If you were born in one of the days 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 on May then your sign is gemini.

May 16 Zodiac is Taurus – Full Horoscope Personality As a Taurus born on May 16th, you have an altruistic but pragmatic personality. You enjoy helping others but also want to make an impact on their lives and teach them something.

What is the astrology sign for May 21?

Some more things to pay attention too: lucky color for the may 21st zodiac, and lucky numbers for may 21 zodiac.

Is May 16 a good month to date?

Love and Compatibility for May 16 Zodiac Lovers born on May 16 are passionate and committed. They are rather affectionate and stable rather than adventurous and they prefer to settle for a serious relationship rather than date many people.

What are the personality traits based on each zodiac sign?

Generally speaking, fire signs are passionate and exuberant, earth signs are practical and grounded, air signs are intellectual and curious, and water signs are intuitive and emotional. Quadruplicities, also known as “modalities, ” refer to the signs’ qualities and where each zodiac sign occurs within its respective season.

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Zodiacs from around the World, and chinese zodiac. After our own Western zodiac, the Chinese one is probably the best-known zodiac here. Celtic tree zodiac. Like the zodiac we’re familiar with, the Celtic tree zodiac is based on the date of your birth.