How do aries look?

Aries rules the top of the head and eyes. Therefore, the hair and eyes are noticeable in some way. Intense color contrast is typical. Wiry and curly very blond, very red, or very black hair seems typical. The head may rise up at the crown. A distinctly balding sign. Very shiny black or ice blue eyes, full of zest and spark.

Also, what do aries girls look like?

Aries woman tends to have a medium to broad shoulders and is rarely found to be skinny or short. The Aries woman face is more round and plumpy. She tends to have thick bushy eyebrows with pretty round eyes almost looking dark in color or close to brownish.

The hair on the head is usually quite thick, and many Aries men tend to keep all or most their hair well into advanced age. In fact, many Aries have a traditional widow’s peak. Additionally, the hair might have a slight reddish cast to it, a trait that shines particularly when Aries is in the sun.

Aries’ lips are typically quite sensual and either their top or the bottom lip will stick out. However, the top lip will be well-curved and is usually thinner in appearance. An Aries’ face tends to flush. Aries men and women typically flush red when they feel:.

What are the physical characteristics of an Aries?

A male Aries’ hairline will be higher than an Aries’ woman’s. A male Arie’s brow will be lower on the face than an Aries woman’s. A Male Aries’ nose will be more prominent than an Aries woman’s. On a much lighter note, the physical characteristics of Aries can also help guide you to the sign’s erogenous zones.

Aries is the sign of the cosmic child, the fresh green sprout, the prodigal bright youth. She will always bring a completely new and unique perspective, regardless of the subject.

What are the characteristics of Aries woman?

The Aries woman tends to have long resistance doing her home DIY and also looking after her children. Aries woman displays an even strength at work where she’s usually valued for her efforts. Aries woman tends to have a medium to broad shoulders and is rarely found to be skinny or short. The Aries woman face is more round and plumpy.

What do Aries men like in a relationship?

Guys born under Aries zodiac sign are primarily interested in sex and less inclined to love relationships; unless their moon or ascendant is a water sign. Best known for strong personality and amazing leadership skills, these men are super attractive with ladies. When it comes to seeking a love mate, what type of women do Aries men like?

He is an extremely high energy and active mate that is far more physical in his love than verbal.

Is Aries woman attracted to light physical touch?

Aries woman is not against light physical touches but never in an exaggerated way. A true male with clear intentions should know how to proceed in touching her. The right touch from the right man will convince Aries woman that her partner is confident and determined in his objectives.