Should we believe in astrology for marriage?

Yes, because with the help of astrology remedies, pooja, and position of the planets and houses in your horoscope. Astrologers can easily change the mind of other people and make your married life happy. By changing the positions of your planets in your horoscope everything can be possible so we should believe in astrology for marriage ., and that.

Does it matter ? You might think that scientists are above answering such questions, but you’d be wrong.

Why should we believe in astrology?

With astrology, it is possible to predict a person’s marriage, family, kids, career, finance, and so on. This is why many people believe in astrology today. However, many people are doubts about astrology prediction whether they are really true or not. Why should we believe in astrology? Is it true or not ?

The astrologer uses science, art, and interpretation to predict the person’s past, present, and even future of life. An astrological analysis is a practical, valuable tool and its help the people for understanding the events of their life.

When a person actually encounters the wonderous nature of astrology do they believe in this subject. It is very important to know about the basic concepts of astrology and understand it thoroughly so as to make the decision of believing it or not. Believing in astrology is a matter of choice rather than chance.

It could be 22%. It may be 73%. The difference between the two figures is what I call the “belief gap”, the zone of doubt and uncertainty between deep and shallow commitment. So why do people believe in astrology? The problem we have is in establishing reliable research.

When we were researching we ran into the question “What makes people believe in zodiac signs?”.

Firstly, in Western Astrology the star constellations are ignored because they are not in the same positions relative to our Solar System as in 3000 BC. Secondly, we have to consider the positions of 9 planets rather than just the Sun, Thirdly, the Moon has more influence on us until after age 30.etc.

Do people take Astrology too seriously?

But the study also found that astrology is taken pretty seriously by a lot of people. The researchers write:.