Do crystals need to be recharged?

As well as being cleansed as needed, crystals also need to be recharged with energy. The energy naturally within a crystal is not limitless and over time and use will dwindle. This then has an influence on anything that the crystal is used for.

Crystals need to be recharged so that they are able to be at their best when we wish to use their energies. Crystals have been long used in healing and benefiting humans. Used and cared for correctly these stones can be of great use and enhance many areas of our lives.

Using other crystals to recharge your crystals There are many natural gemstones and crystals that can emit positive energy and transmute negative energy to positive energy. These crystals offer a resource for recharging other stones when other options are not available for use.

In fact, she warns against charging crystals in the sunlight or moonlight because crystals don’t actually run out of energy and therefore don’t need to be charged like most people think. Instead, they are electromagnetic oscillators that continually provide us with their healing energy as long as they are vibrating at their natural frequency.

You see, this form of recharging is great for any stone, but the stones that get the most benefit from the full moon include: Recharging your stones with light from a new moon. You can also recharge your gemstones and crystals with the energy of the new moon. The new moon signifies a new beginning and the release of the past.

What are the best energy sources for rechargeable crystals?

Magnetic energy is another energy source that can be used to recharge all varieties of crystals. The colour of this energy is black and to be able to use it, you will need to align the crystal with the earth’s magnetic poles. To do this you will need a compass and to first locate north and south based on your location.

One of the next things we asked ourselves was; what are the benefits of a crystal charged with energy?

A crystal charged with this energy can be very helpful in situations where you have to meet or interact with people who can have an influence on your life such as doctors, teachers, bank managers or solicitors. The full moon is an excellent source of energy for recharging crystals.

Do Your crystals need a rest?

Each has its own purpose and like people, needs a rest, a recharge, from time to time. You may notice your crystal feeling heavy or dull or you may intuitively get a message that it needs some refreshing.

Why is the timing of a charging Crystal important?

As with charging crystals with sun energy this timing helps to ensure that the crystal is not exposed to sun energy at any time but does not have to be spot on. What is important is that the crystal is not left in sunlight at any point.