What does it mean if a tarot card is reversed?

If your Tarot reading is mostly reversed cards, then you know you’re dealing with yourself and any required actions or changes need to happen within you first. Reversed Tarot cards can often point to an imbalance in energy. That is, there is too much or too little of the energy. Take the Queen of Wands, for example.

Reversed, it can instead mean that the querent is too wrapped up in the past, and maybe finds it difficult to be in the present. While the basic meaning behind this card is the same, the reversed tarot card here is helpful in indicating that one can take it too far, and it is usually detrimental to the situation.

Can tarot cards be reversed?

The most common interpretation that your mind may go to is the simplest one. All Tarot cards have keywords that help to describe their meanings, so you may consider that the reversed meaning of the card could also be simply opposite to its upright meaning.

What does it mean when a tarot card is upside down?

If a Tarot card appears in the reversed position, look at the imagery of that upside-down card and see what comes to you intuitively. For example, in the Ten of Swords reversed, it appears as if the swords are falling out of the man’s back.

What is a reversal in tarot?

However, a reversal can be so much more than that. Tarot cards represent energy and situations in your life. No matter who you are or what you’re going through, there are going to be easy and challenging aspects of any situation. This can actually be mirrored in the tarot.

Do tarot cards face up or down when shuffled?

When the deck is shuffled, some of the cards will be faced upright, while others will be faced down — or reversed. So, what does it mean the majority of Tarot cards are reversed during a reading?