Are pisces dangerous?

Whereas Pisces individuals are not as precise and dangerous as Scorpios, they can hold grudges until they’re in the grave, destroy the reputation of those who crossed them and cause pain to them, until these are becoming aware of what’s happening.

Is Pisces a dangerous sign?

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, planet of dreams and delusions. At its most dangerous expression, Pisces energy is destructive, secretive and seriously pessimistic. Easily wounded, these people are prone to despair and the development of deep resentments that can fester into violent fantasies of revenge or domination.

Why do Pisces get hurt the most?

It’s all about their predatory instincts or lack thereof. As the most sensitive people in the zodiac, Pisces can immediately feel hurt and like others are making fun of them. This feeling is usually followed by tantrums and the instinct to obtain revenge. Not wanting to cause anyone pain, these natives never seem a threat.

The key to their good health is to establish moderate habits. With a minimum of care, a well-balanced diet, moderate exercise, rest they can feel younger. Pisces’ cell salt is ferrum phosphate, which is iron. Eat : Lack of iron in the system can lead to anemia, low blood pressure, inflammations, glandular problems, and heart irregularities.

Why do Pisces keep to themselves?

Because Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, they hold the traits of every other zodiac sign. This is especially true with the emotions and feelings of the other 11 signs. Pisces tend to keep to themselves in this sense because they know what can happen if all is revealed, and how it affects the other signs.

What is the element of Pisces?

Pisces is the 12th and final sign of the zodiac calendar. It’s represented by a pair of fish and ruled by the planet Neptune (as well as Jupiter). Like Scorpio and Cancer, Pisces is a water sign; however, Pisces are known for generally being more laid back and agreeable than their other water counterparts.

What do pisces like to eat?

They need to keep their blood sugar in balance by eating ocean fish, lobster tuna, spinach, corn, almonds, walnuts and pears. Pisces natives are ruled by the element of Water, which means that they need to eat foods that support their blood, liver and brain functions.

You may be wondering “What is a Pisces man’s ideal diet?”

A lover of natural foods, a Pisces will binge on fruits like strawberries, figs and melons. When you are a Pisces, you like to try out new types of cuisine and may cook up meals made of exotic ingredients at home. You will not eat foods you do not like; this means you leave out foods that are a must-have from the healthy eating point of view.

Do Pisces Love Junk Food?

Pisceans love junk food and they are open to trying new cuisines., and that’s right. They’re versatile food lovers. However, their love for food is not so much due to a genuine affinity to it. They are known to be comfort eaters and they turn to food when they are very depressed or are very disappointed over something that went wrong.

What are the most dangerous zodiac signs?

Pisces are very loving and caring, but they also need to have control. They can become a bit unstable and insecure, which makes them dangerous Pisces have trust issues and they can get easily addicted to things and people. Many famous serial killers were born under this sign.