Are pisces smart?

Pisces are kind, smart, empathetic, gentle and very in touch with nature. Pisces are also weird, sensitive, compulsive, and lazy. We have good and bad qualities but the qualities must be accurately depicted.

Are Pisces smart or dumb?

Many Pisceans may doubt their intelligence because the society we live in places a higher emphasis on structured brains with the ability to mechanically analyze data and spit out information, while Pisces absorb and sift through sentiments. They can’t prove their argument because their opinion is based on a feeling.

One thing people forget to think about is that lazy people are so lazy that we look for the quickest best way to get things done. Pisces are creative which gives us unique GOOD ideas to get things done as quickly as physically possible so we can be lazy once more.

One frequent answer is, pisces are smart at work Pisces knows all the way to get things done on time at work. They are one smart fellow who knows all the tactics to influence people and get their work done and also maintain their good reputation.

Why is Pisces the best zodiac sign?

We are lazy but we DO get things done. We are very trusting but we also know when to stop. We blindly love without a care in the world. We won’t ever be successful or make good money. We think we are psychic.

Do pisces lie?

The Pisces personality is very complex, but if you retain just one thing about Pisces, it’s that they love their freedom. This hypocritical zodiac sign hates being tied down and won’t hold back on lying to escape commitment. In Pisces’ mind, they lie to salvage other people’s feelings.

Lying would feel like not being true to themselves, and Pisces would not put up with that kind of life. Pisces are quite solitary, and to ensure they have plenty of alone time, they will tell white lies to keep you at bay. For Pisces, life without truth isn’t much of a life at all.

Which zodiac signs don’t lie the most?

Like Gemini, Aquarians are creative and witty storytellers. Their lies may be too good to be true, but they deliver it so flawlessly that people end up believing them. The most sensitive of the signs, Pisces don’t lie.

Astrology gives us such fascinating insight into our personalities and doesn’t just reveal the good parts… We are all different, and we all have their own strengths and weaknesses, yet lying comes naturally to some of us.

Why would an Aries man lie to you?

They mostly just look out for themselves and not much else. Most Aries are ego driven and super independent. If an Aries thinks you are stepping across lines that encroach upon his individuality, there will be problems, and he will likely lie to you in order to distance himself. Another likely reason for lying would be to get what he wants.