Which zodiac cheats the most?

A zodiac sign they’re most likely to cheat on is Aquarius. The airy water bearer is independent, values their freedom, and tends to be aloof in relationships. Aquarius intellectualizes emotions, while Pisces feels things deeply and wants to share their feelings in-depth.

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Some people might consider this to be cheating and most wouldn’t be happy to know this was going on. The Gemini zodiac sign (May 21 – June 20) is often regarded out of all the zodiac signs to be the most likely to cheat in a relationship.

Here are the signs according to the zodiac that are most likely to be unfaithful. The Aries sign (March 21 – April 19) is ruled by the planet Mars. According to astrologers, those with the Aries zodiac sign is most likely to be unfaithful and give no thought to it.

Another frequently asked inquiry is “Who do Scorpios cheat with?”.

According to Monahan, their fellow fixed sign, Taurus, is one sign they might cheat with. The good thing is, Scorpios do value loyalty in their relationships.

Virgos are known to be more sneaky than most of the other zodiac signs, so they are more likely to commit small crimes. As witty and practical individuals, they are more prone to less dangerous antics.

Do Gemini cheat the most?

Plus, Gemini is a mutable sign. “These are the signs that tend to be more malleable and open to suggestion and desire,” Monahan says. “Gemini, being a mutable air sign, can be one of the worst culprits for cheating. Gemini has an incessant need for stimulation and gets bored easily in relationships.”.

Which zodiacs are dangerous?

| Ranking From Least to The Most Rank Name of dangerous zodiac sign
12 Taurus
11 Cancer
10 Virgo
9 Gemini

8 more rows Feb 22 2022.

Virgo takes the cake — nay, the corpse — for most dangerous sign of the zodiac. In my estimation they are least likely to get caught in the act or in the aftermath of a crime.

What is the most evil zodiac sign?

Scorpios are known as the evil bunch of zodiac signs. They tend to be sadistic and jealous, and if they are triggered or provoked, a dark and evil side can come out of them. This aggressive and often manipulative sign does have some good traits though.

Is Capricorn a bad zodiac sign?

Capricorn (Dec 23 – Jan 20) According to the statistics of the FBI, Capricorn has come up under an average criminal. However, they are not the least and not the most dangerous sign as compared to others. Although, such people born under this Capricorn sign are not to be pissed off.