How do zodiac signs act when jealous?

When jealous, a Scorpion will go from getting angry to being paranoid. He/she will act like those possessive partners, who in the name of protection will take over your life. They will invade your space and ask you millions of questions regarding your day, which will feel extremely annoying and invasive.

The Aries person will show jealousy with a lot of violence or arrogance. Naturally easily jealous, Taureans even see things that don’t exist. In general, Gemini is quite rational when it comes to jealousy, however, its dual aspect can surface in some sporadic, random cases. Some additional things to think about: scorpion, capricorn, cancer, sagittarius, virgin, lb, or lion.

Some think that The Capricorn zodiac sign males and females are immensely possessive about the people they love. If you’re dating them, there’s no way that you’ll not come across their jealous nature. Capricorn-borns behave very differently when they get jealous. Yet, the good part is that they never create a scene in public.

Out of all the zodiac signs, Sagittarius is the most difficult sign to deal with in terms of jealousy. They tend to be cool and fine with certain situations and do not take thing too seriously. However, they get irritated if you hide things from them and stop sharing your problems with them. And this irritation changes into jealousy gradually.

Many people will consider Leo to be a jealous sign because they are attention hogs, but they are actually among the least jealous people in the Zodiac. Leos are so confident in themselves that the success of others doesn’t dim their light.

Are Virgos jealous or jealousy?

Virgos are not extremely jealous by nature, which is why you’ll need to put some extra effort into this zodiac sign. This is why you will need to be really explicit to make this zodiac sign feel jealousy.

What happens when a Taurus man is jealous?

A full-blooded war is on the cards if a Taurus male or female has contained jealousy for a long time. Being neglected or compared with someone breeds resentment which could well blow out of proportion on a certain day without prior warning. They are intelligent and often hoard on bitter memories to use them conveniently against someone.

How to make an Aquarius man jealous?

Don’t be too exaggerated, create small day to day situations to spark Aquarius’ jealousy, repetition of certain actions will tell this zodiac sign you are not bluffing. It is not recommended to make Aquarius jealous with other men or women, as this will only make then distrustful of you instead of creating jealousy.

What does it feel like to be jealous in a relationship?

Jealousy is a very strange emotion. It’s a combination of so many different sensations that we get confused by it quite easily. We feel anxious, angry, sad – all wrapped up in a lack of self-esteem. All of these things at once are enough to make you doubt your entire relationship. Jealousy is not the same thing as envy.