Why do my crystals keep breaking?

It needs to be cleared. This is usually the #1 reason why a crystal will fall and break, or cracks and breaks while you’re wearing it. The crystal becomes saturated or overwhelmed by the energy its absorbed from you through negative transference. You’ve been hit with strong psychic attack or negative energy.

When we were reading we ran into the question “Why do crystals break?”.

Then stick around and read about why crystals break and what to do with them after. Sometimes when a crystal breaks, it’s merely because you dropped it, but there are many other reasons as to why crystals break, crack, or chip. Maybe the crystal had a tiny crack on the bottom or a shard missing when you bought it.

When Crystals Break You may not like it but just like glass, eggs, and our hearts, crystals often break. It’s pretty painful.

What do you do with broken crystals?

Some crystals don’t break, but chip instead. If the crystal is very happy without the chip, you can place the small piece in dirt to help a plant grow, use it in a medicine bag, or start a collage made out of crystal chips. Small pieces can be used to make portable grids, to decorate picture frames, boxes, and mugs.

Crystals work hard to remove, absorb, take in, protect, dissolve and shield us from these harmful and undesirable negative energies / vibrations. That overwhelming negativity often becomes too much (even for the crystal) and it breaks, explodes or shatters.

Can crystals break or explode?

When crystals explode, break or crack in healing applications, they should NEVER be used again for healing. The crystal took in (absorbed) the bad or negative energy that our body would normally have taken. Imagine how harmful those “bad energies” were for it to cause the crystal to break or explode.

Sometimes the flaws aren’t immediately apparent, like with your crystal. This is similar to people we come into contact with. If a crystal is cracked, you will need to show it extra care so the crack doesn’t split and the crystal break. The same applies to the people we encounter that we didn’t know (initially) they had wounding.

A broken crystal can be a blessing. It can teach us to see the positive in an unwanted situation. The break or chip gives us the opportunity to help heal the stone or to extend the joy of the crystal to other areas or our life. Try to be creative and see where the crystal takes you.

Why do I reject my crystals?

There’s a lack of resonance, and as such you’re subconsciously misplacing or rejecting the crystal because it’s not what you need at this time. It could also be that the crystal’s frequency is so disharmonious with your own energy, or anathema to your spirit, that it’s repelled from you. There’s a healing or divine message that you need to receive.